Metal Building Insulation Options

Selecting the Proper Metal Building Insulation for Your Needs

What is R-Value?

In order to select the Metal Building Insulation that will best meet your needs first you need to understand R-Value. R-Value is the measurement of insulation effectiveness to prevent heat loss. The thicker the fiberglass insulation blanket the higher the R-Value.

Single Layer Systems

Single Layer Systems Up to 6" R-19 fiberglass blankets can be installed over the top of the purlins in a single layer systems.
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Single Layer R-Value

2 5/8" R-8
3" R-10
3.5" R-11
4" R-13
6" R-19
8" R-25
9.5" R-30

Double Layer Systems

Double Layer Insulation The double layers of insulation create high R-Values and give your building optimal energy performance.
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High R-Value

Double Layer R-Value

6“ and 3” R-29
6“ and 3.5” R-30
6“ and 4” R-32
8" and 3" R-35
6“ and 6” R-38
9.5" and 3" R-40
9.5" and 4" R-43


Insulation Facing

Fiberglass Insulation Facing

Facing is the material (white vinyl or polypropylene) used as the finished vapor-barrier cover laminated to and over the fiber glass blankets. The facing helps to protect the insulation from condensation and adds a clean finished look to fiberglass insulation.

Click on the facing images on the right to see specifications on each facing type.

Insulation Facing Materials


Fiberglass Insulation Tabs

Tabs are the extra facing material at the side laps of your insulation used to seal or create the finished edge for the seams. 1-6” is the most common in new construction and 2-3" tabs are more common in retro-fit applications.

Insulation Facing Materials


Banding Systems

Insulation Banding

Banding systems can be used in a single layer application for retro fit jobs, or in a double layer application for new construction. Double layer systems (up tp R-30) offer the highest R-Values available on our site. You can chose to invest in the upgraded insulation package today (a one time cost), or you can pay the utility company additional money for a lifetime. With the rising costs of energy and the relative low cost of quality insulation, a banding system should be considered for attaching insulation to structures that are required to be climate controlled.

Banding System

RetroFit Systems

Retrofit Application

FOR EXISTING BUILDINGS: Building Outlet supplies one of the most easy to install retrofit packages available for an existing metal building, pole barn or pole building. Factory pre-cut white vinyl faced fiber glass blankets are placed in between the metal roof purlins and held in place by steel strapping called banding screwed to the bottom of the purlin. Your roof purlin spacing can vary but 5’ on center and 8 inches in depth is common (which is the available insulating area). Our 6 inch thick fiberglass retrofit system will brighten any interior as well as provide additional insulating values of R-19. This system is design to achieve the most insulating value out of the available voids created by existing structural components in your building.