Metal Building Insulation Tape & Accessories

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Metal Building Insulation offers tools and accessories for attaching insulation to steel buildings, barn buildings and pole buildings. Properly installing insulation will create a comfortable interior environment and minimize energy costs. Heavy duty insulation tape helps to form a vapor barrier and prevents thermal energy loss and is essential when installing fiberglass insulation blankets on steel buildings or pole barns. Save money on insulation products for High R-Value insulation systems in metal buildings, retrofitting insulation, and insulation repairs.

Insulation Patch Tape

Facing Patch Tape

Black or white insulation tape with aluminum foil coating and an aggressive cold weather acrylic adhesive system. Designed to stick in below zero & elevated temperatures. Facing patch tape is used to repair torn insulation facing or patch tears on insulation boards.

Insulation Tape

Double Faced Insulation Tape

1/2 mil (0.0005") thick transparent polyester film coated on both sides with and aggressive, high stick peel, high shear premium rubber based adhesive system.

Thermal Break Tape

Thermal Break Insulation Tape

Thermal Break tape helps to establish a vapor seal and acts as a vapor barrier/ break between the exterior walls and inner framing on metal buildings.

Steel Banding

Steel Banding

Steel Banding helps to secure fiberglass insulation blankets on metal roofs, it is also used to retro-fit insulation and promotes maximum insulation performance high r-value and double layer insulation systems.

InsulHold Coils

InsulHold Coils

InsulHold coils are designed to anchor and hold metal building insulation in the correct position, and help to prevent sagging or falling. These Insulation tabs are used in metal building walls for retro-fit insulation systems and in high r-value insulation systems.

Insulation Facings

Lamtec Facings

Lamtec high-quality vapor retarder insulation facing materials are designed and manufactured to adhere to stringent requirements for strength, durability and permeability. Polypropylene Insulation Facings for typical and high-traffic metal building applications.

Insulation Stick Pins

Insulation Stick Pins

Stick pins and washers are a great method for hanging insulation blankets when retrofitting insulation. The method of using stick pins at an equal distance will result in a quilted or padded look.

Arch Building Insulation Pins

Plastic Pins w/ Washers for Arched Buildings

Plastic stick pins screw in to the bolts and penetrate the fiberglass insulation blankets, once the insulation blankets are punctured the plastic washers are screwed in to the pin, creating a finished look.

Plastic Washers for Pole Buildings

Plastic Washers (Pole Barn Insulation)

Heavy Duty Plastic Washers for attaching insulation on Pole barns and Pole buildings.