Metal Building Thermal Blocks


Thermal blocks basically isolate the outer shell (roof and wall panel) of your metal building from the inner steel frame. These 1” foam filled thermal blocks offer a non compressed R-6 performance. This option is known to increase the insulation performance as much as 2 times in certain buildings.

The Sealed N Safe thermal block is the only tested and certified component of it’s kind.

Values of savings are based on actual “Hot Box Test” results. The investments you make with the cost of thermal blocks are known to be paid back through energy savings as soon as 18 months. After the pay back the owner enjoys a lifetime of savings

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The values given herein are based on actual "Hot Box Test" results of the specific SNS product applications shown. The addition of windows, doors, exhaust systems of other un-insulated areas, ect. will effect actual performance, Your actual results may vary.